In uChoose you may come across some big hairy audacious goals like   'I want to move into work that is a better fit than my current role'? I want to explore ways I can live a more fulfilling life - to get some balance back? 
Initially these threw me. I felt unsure of how to support these goals! Until I realised that what it really comes down to is personal values. I could offer support in exploring personal values, which are our priorities and preferences in…
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Learning Talk tool box

A great one page summary of learning talk prompts to keep at your side while mentoring.

It includes prompts for:2347969?profile=original

  • paraphrasing
  • probing
  • clarifying
  • testing for different perspectives
  • inviting responses
  • putting ideas on the table
  • explaining reasoning
  • committing to taking action -…
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