A fabulous group of leaders within four Waimakariri Rural schools learning and leading Spirals of Inquiry work in their kura

Our vision in 2017 is to gain commitment from staff involved to improve learner agency and achievement outcomes by improving teacher reflective practice

We will achieve this by…

  • Building relationships and connections widely - openness and honesty

  • Being clear about the WHY

  • Being purposeful and putting learners at the centre

  • Fostering trust and collaboration in and across schools

  • Maintaining momentum and utilising Andrea’s support

  • Fostering teacher reflection and open mindedness (growth mindset)

  • Seeking opportunities to work in each others schools purposefully

  • Seeking learner input and voice

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  • Early May - I am looking at my leadership role of Cultural Responsiveness through Spirals. Six children within my team (who are enrolled as Māori) were given a variety of questions to respond to. I was impressed with the depth of their replies. Once I had collated their replies, it became very clear that what I had asked them (still valuable) wasn't all that I was looking for. I am now in the process of gathering more information to understand what the children are thinking (my next question is "How could we help you as a Māori learner at Clarkville School"). Parents have also filled in a questionnaire, that had similar questions to the children. From the replies, I can tell that they have talked to the children about this (whanau), which is also valuable. I can't wait to see what information I get, and what I am going to focus on next.
  • 3.5.17 Presented a staff meeting covering Session 2 Scanning. During this session we focussed on the questions regarding the balance of perspectives and evidence. Teacher's shared their scanning notes and discussed in small groups the balance and evidence. Good discussion about differing ways to collect evidence e.g photos, observations, modelling books, data videos, interviews, ALL contract evidence ( linking), interesting to use scanning questions with parents which gave a different perspective. Where evidence was not recorded this was found in other documents that a teacher has e.g modelling books, test results. So a change to recording sheet to add an evidence column was discussed and implemented. The scanning process is a living document e.g on google docs or link ed so that all staff can add to it and it is ongoing. This is being refined as a whole school process. Discussion on next steps to support in class teaching of reading for Term 2 will involve observations within syndicates. An observation guide sheet was provided to all staff, after discussion an additional box will be added to the observation sheet allowing for comments made on scanning children. The staff meeting allowed for plenty of purposeful discussion on positives, negatives and ideas so far. It allowed all syndicates to connect as grouping was across syndicate level. It felt like collaboration. This meeting was half an hour but very productive.
    • Kia ora Rachele - thanks for this update - it does sound like a very productive 30 minutes!! Amazing what you can cover with focused conversations!! How will you continue to have regular conversations about what is going on for your learners and why? Remember to keep your conversations very learner centred first and foremost. I love your focus on evidence and the wide range. Am looking forward to seeing the results of your work through observations. Mauri ora! Becc
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