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I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this but here goes anyhow...

The three benefits that stand out to me are:

Regular agreed times- with times prearranged time is set aside and prioritised for the sessions well in advance

Responsive and flexible to needs- the mentee drives the sessions "what's on top for you?"

Self tailored by Mentee- Mentee goals are self directed and there is no right or wrong goals to have.

A limitation may be that as a mentor the boundaries need to be maintained in terms of time and the temptation to always be responsive outside of "session" times. 

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  • Kia ora Sally. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here (as an aside, I have added you to the DVM group, which is one place DVMs share (link here). It's a closed group so that you can express yourself in a way that you might not in an open group :D)

    Really enjoyed reading your thoughts, especially around the routine and structure, which, in and of itself, is still flexible enough to be self-tailored and fluid enough for heaps of choice. A wondering here, what, if anything. do you feel was the benefit(s) of having a routine and structure? What are your thoughts about how this might support your own mentees going forward?

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