This morning I listened to a fantastic interview on Saturday (Radio NZ National) with Kim Hill. Kim interviewed Dr Neha Sangwan who is in NZ as a keynote at the worldwomen17 conference, March 17-19th in Auckland. 

I thoroughly recommend listening to this! In terms of mentoring, Neha shares her "double vision" technique where she describes how we stress ourselves thinking that faster and more makes us feel more important in the world.  She talks about her own breakdown and how she learned to dig deeper through "double vision" to source within herself her impact rather than externally. 

Where do you source your impact? Inside or outside of yourself?

Ultimately Neha supports patients to seek what is at the root of their stress/illness and to work through what they can long term (rather than short term) to address it. She works with  the folllowing questions, asking if patients would like to journal their responses pre discussion. She uses this approach with patients who have worked through the physical issues of illness/stress first so that they can continue to address their lives with more understanding of themselves in a holistic, interconnected way for a better life. Addressing the source of the illness (which is ultimately stress-driven), finding the resources to deal with it, and committing to what is next are explored with these 5 questions:

  1. Why this? Why not something else?
  2. Why now? Why at this time in your life? What's the message?
  3. What signals might you have missed earlier that you can see now?
  4. What else in you life might need attention?
  5. If you spoke from the hear, what would you say to me?

These are such important questions for us all when we encounter stress and its impact on our mind, body and spirit which are all interconnected yet often treated separately, or not at all. 

Go well, be well everyone. Kia kaha. Have strength and wholeness.

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