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  • I am a mentor and I wanted to share my experience of working with my mentee Looking thru a Māori lens at Māori Women in Leadership to assist her in her leadership role in her mahi. By my menthe listing Wahine To a- Leadership < women in her own whanau, hapū, iwi, Women she worked with, in the community, on a national level.she looked up to and held in high regard. We were then looked firstly at the women in her whānau she looked up to and unpacked their attributes and the things  she admired and identified with. We looked at other women and the leadership qualities they had. We focused on her own tupuna wahine ( women ancestors) discussed that their traits/attributes/qualities where in her too. We then identified the leadership qualities they had and examples of theres in story ( youtube) in readings. She focused on those qualities in her own leadership in the mahi she used. Her stories about her ancestors leadership helped her to inform herself about the skills and qualities she had. 

    This is was very successful and a great way to give the mentee confidence in her own Leadership abilities...some of those inherent capabilities are in her DNA...this strategy helped her tp unpacked them .

    Ngā mihi


  • Kia ora Nick - thanks for your reply! The Jan Robertson article is great and I will be taking some of the ideas in there into my questioning resource. I highly recommend building your own questioning resource as a mentor - it has helped me to really listen - knowing that I have a resource to guide my questioning at my fingertips. I also recommend that everyone learns to touch type! This skill has been absolutely powerful for me as I can type at 70 wpm while fully listening and have no problems concentrating on both - hooray for my past as a PA and receptionist!! I also think that doing your own typing of notes means you will better remember and understand the conversations you've had with your mentee - voice recognition software will likely capture too much of the conversation. I have learned to pick up on key things to question my mentees on by typing notes that synthesise conversations rather than capture them verbatim. Some of my mentees get in an type when we are at the point of talking about next steps or ideas - they get excited at that point and need to capture ideas/next steps in their own words. I find that I do that as a mentee too. Now, where's my beer? :D

  • Kia ora te whanau

    Yes, I know, it has taken me an eternity to contribute to this illustrious on-line community, but hey here I am. I’m hoping (Rebbecca and Sarah) that by doing so, I’ll be a contender for some brownie points, maybe a craft beer, or even a badge?

    In terms of recording on the PROPS doc while actively listening and mentoring, I really struggle with this. Of course it doesn’t help that I have never got beyond clumsy 2 digit hacking and stabbing at the key board. I always invite my mentees to contribute and co-construct the doc, but I reckon they refrain from doing so because they are so richly entertained by the spectacle of my fumbling, constant deletions and corrections. One would have thought that by 2015 the clever computer engineers would have created a reliable voice recognition software platform to save old digital dinosaurs like me from embarrassment.  So any help and advice from UBuddies of UChoose with this issue would be appreciated, and worthy of me shouting U-a-beer.

    I have just been reading this ‘hot off the press’ article which Jan Robertson has sent me. It’s an easy read, and highly pertinent, I think, to the mahi of us busy mentors.  The ‘coaching’ question examples she suggests could easily be adopted and adapted for our UChoose mentoring. What do you think?

  • Some things we might want to talk about:

    - recording while deep listening (how do we type/record and think?!)

    - critical reflection during sessions and at the end of sessions

    - general communication skills

    - resources - being a curator! where are we finding resources? how might we develop resources? (adaptive expertise)

    - helping mentees to keep building on their ability to be reflective practitioners

    - What help do you need as a mentee or mentor? (ask anything!)

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