When I saw this Leunig cartoon I laughed at the thought of a tool similar to a rain gauge for measuring happiness.

I also thought about how frequently I check my own happiness barometer and how, within uChoose mentoring sessions, we might act as a happiness barometer  for our mentees.

In our mentoring role we might;

  • acknowledge and have empathy for how 'dry' a current scenario or frustration might seem
  • offer prompts for our mentees to note the little things and how they have made people feel, not only recording what they have done.
  • ask our mentees  to consider what keeps their garden growing and when or if they have had any fun or little moments of happiness lately

To take this out of 'hippy dippy wild flower realm' let me share a practical example from one of my mentoring sessions. 

A mentee made a statement about how they felt others might perceive them. I asked them to look, over the next month for evidence that supported or refuted this perception. They noted peoples comments and actively sought feedback - and when the mentee came to our next session -their happiness gauge was much filler! The perception of how others might perceive this particular aspect of their professionalism or way of working was not seen as they had imagined. They had recorded the little things, the droplets of positive comments, the real conversations about different ways of working and 'all the wild flowers came up' and new seeds for PPLP were sown.

Do you have any thoughts, tools, stories about supporting mentees and their own personal 'happiness gauge' - please share the little droplets with our uChoose community =0) 

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